The Company

Tea Plus Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd is a Tea and Spices Exporting company in Sri Lanka. Tea Exports take place by selling value added loose packing and bulk form while Spices & Herbs exports takes place in loose and bulk form. Tea Plus Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd., now serves the customers in USA through its Office in Wisconsin our US website:


Our Products

Tea: The company produce almost all the types of tea bags used all over the world such as Round Pot, Pyramid, String& Tag with/without envelopes, Iced Tea Bags, Spa Bags, Universal Pot bags etc. These tea bags are packed in elegant presentations of Tins, Inner Cartons and Wooden Boxes. In addition to these bulk tea and loose tea packs (BOP, OP, Pek, FBOPF, BP1, Dust etc.) are included in our product range.

Spices: The company caters the requirement of spices users by producing catering packs & bulk packs of world-famous Sri Lankan spices such as Cinnamon, Cloves, Pepper, Nut mag, Mace, Vanilla, Ginger, Coriander and Turmeric.


Our Services

Considering the human health consumption and for the protection of each item the manufacturing process are carefully monitored by the company’s Quality Assurance department on required quality control systems under GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and HACCP standards. Delivery are the most concerning part while doing the shipping, inland transport and courier facility based on the time management.


Lion Logo

Ceylon Tea Lion Logo which appears on Ceylon tea packs denotes not only the country of origin but also the quality of  Ceylon Tea.

Sri Lanka Tea Board is the legitimate owner of the Ceylon Tea Lion logo which has been registered in many countries in the world. The usage of Lion Logo is subject to the following conditions:

 The Lion Logo can be used only on consumer packs of Ceylon tea.

1. The packs should contain 100% pure Ceylon tea.

2. The brands which use the Lion Logo should be packed in Sri Lanka. Overseas Importers/packers are not allowed to use the Lion Logo on their tea packs even if the packs contain pure Ceylon Tea.

3. The brands which use the Lion Logo should conform to the quality standards set out by the Sri Lanka Tea Board.

When you next buy your tea look for the Lion Logo on the pack which is your guarantee for quality pure Ceylon tea.